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“We have seen a diversification in the types of ad blocking,” said Blockthrough CEO Marty Krátký-Katz.

The ad market slumped amid the coronavirus crisis, as did print circulation revenue.

The company projected another 35% to 40% dip in ad revenue in its third quarter.

Those concerns now go beyond adjacency issues common with newer platforms, as advertisers have little control over the kinds of content their ads appear next to on TikTok.

The broadcaster is selling ads in programmatic auctions it hopes will attract digital advertisers to TV.

Though she too added the ad tech M&A market had been “very quiet” in recent months.

It has, however, started to buy ads on YouTube and LinkedIn again as of August 1.

Advertisers buy from these marketplaces on the proviso that their ads will be seen by more people from underrepresented audiences.

That’s bad news for MoPub and the publishers that sell ads on its marketplace.

One creator told Digiday earlier this year that a best practice is to include a mid-roll ad every two-and-a-half minutes at most.