Adaptations [noun]

Definition of Adaptations:

act of adapting

Synonyms of Adaptations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adaptations:


Sentence/Example of Adaptations:

All religions, the Christian religion included, are adaptations or variants of older religions.

The thoughts of most of us are little more than imitations and adaptations of the ideas of stronger minds.

Nor does it admit of doubt, that similar adaptations and precautions are indispensable in sociology.

It is based upon certain adaptations that are observed to exist.

Translations and adaptations of French plays confirmed the growing carelessness of authors.

These are mainly adaptations of the most sensational novels in whatsoever language they could lay their hands on.

The adaptations which enable plants to survive in a tract deficient in moisture are of various kinds.

In all its adaptations and aptitudes, it demands union and abhors separation.

The sense organs are special adaptations of the nerve-ends for receiving impressions.

If by means of them we arrive at desired and desirable adaptations to and within our environment, we say they are verified.