Adapted [adjective]

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The pandemic has put retailers under tremendous strain but rewarded those that adapted nimbly.

The good news is that colugos appear to adapt well to forested human environments, including the villages in Langkawi.

Here are some of the major celebrations, plus a few ancillary events, that have adapted to the health crisis without sacrificing the joy and cheer of the holidays.

However, the fact that I had to adapt a bootstrapped approach slowed down our progress, made it difficult to build a technology product to properly test market fit, and prevented the company from achieving major milestones before it ran out of money.

Displayed as a colorful mural on the first floor, the open-source images from the ongoing portrait project have been adapted into billboards, projections and even postage stamps.

Yet graphic novelists and other comics storytellers adapted and rose to ongoing challenges.

Their extra-powerful jaws and teeth were able to chew those leaves, and their oversized guts were well-adapted to digest the tough plant matter, allowing it to sit and ferment for many days, Pol and colleagues suggest.

Universal Pictures has struck another deal with a major theater chain to shorten the theatrical window from three months to as little as 17 days in an effort to adapt to the new business realities of moviegoing.

Like the older conventional wisdom, the theory of virulence recognizes that many germs will evolve less virulence as they circulate and adapt to the human population.

In each of the trials, the new technique outperformed previous methods for teaching robots to adapt to surrounding agents.