Adapting [verb]

Definition of Adapting:

adjust to a different situation or condition

Synonyms of Adapting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adapting:

Sentence/Example of Adapting:

It's a tale of a discovered ROM, a search for its source code, and efforts to not only rebuild the game but also adapt existing Genesis and Mega Drive emulators to translate virtual reality calls from today's PC headsets.

They acknowledged the failings of the field, but overwhelmingly offered lessons of hope in museums’ ability to adapt and survive.

Karen Hao did the reporting and it was adapted by me, Jennifer Strong.

This article has been adapted with Partho Sengupta’s help from a piece this cardiologist wrote for The Conversation.

It would allow managers to repair, adapt, or even transform vulnerable places.

The new finding should help science better understand the brain’s ability to adapt, says William Gaillard.

Many national recipes, such as olla de carne and countless sweets, are of Spanish origins, having been adapted to involve regional ingredients.

The worldwide pause and social distancing guidelines forced industries to adapt, recontextualizing live events in virtual environments through digital platforms.

These wireless headphones automatically adapt their level of noise canceling, volume, and voice clarity to your surroundings.

In theory the resulting changes could be addressed in private markets, but the health care industry needed years to adapt to the ACA.