Adaptions [noun]

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The tree as a decorative symbol is appropriate to wood, and its adaption to a square panel is drawn at Figure 235.

The fact that this was in the beginning a well-equipped club made the problem of its adaption a very slight one indeed.

But he showed an interest in the game and some adaption to the game at the time he was teaching you; is that right?

The adaption of these gores to the curvature of the sphere calls for great care.

That element is rarely absent from great Roman work, which is wanting in the nice adaption of the means to the end.

I returned to America that year with their adaption, calling it "The Nominee."

Perhaps the most special adaption which man has brought about in his domesticated animals is found in our pointers and setters.

Mechanical ingenuity was largely developed in the adaption of materials.

Indeed there is nothing in civilized countries to approach it in its combination of beauty and adaption for the purposes intended.

This first sleeping car was, as was later the first Pullman car, an adaption of an ordinary day coach to sleeping requirements.