Adapts [verb]

Definition of Adapts:

adjust to a different situation or condition

Synonyms of Adapts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adapts:

Sentence/Example of Adapts:

To do this, these insects have evolved, or adapted, to the environment in which their hosts dwell.

While sparrows can whistle louder and at higher pitch to adapt, not all birds can and that can prevent them from roosting in the city.

In this week’s presentation, we explore how several different industries including retail, venture capital, corporate real estate, banking, and higher education are adapting to Covid-19 and preparing for a new normal.

Whether our consumers will adapt and really like it, we don’t know yet, but that’s part of this really big experiment.

Since that season, defenses have adapted, lineups have shifted and coaches have given the green light to more and more 3-point shots.

This year’s winners, announced on Thursday, featured settlements with believable layouts adapted to each location.

The pandemic and subsequent stay-at-home orders did force Allbirds to adapt.

Alberta must adapt, or it could be left behind in the new energy economy.

It is also important to know how GoogleBot is adapting and improving over time.

We were unable to adapt and, in 1997, ended up selling the company to our largest competitor.