Added [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Added:

Our bigger business and value add is to bring clinicians in from outside the region, maybe across state lines.

A few small rocks of some soft stone may be added, and in between these the Ferns are planted.

In 1763 the chapel was enlarged, and at the same time a little more land was added to the graveyard.

The America that they annexed to Europe was merely a new domain added to a world already old.

Ten or twelve added years had slipped by, and it did not seem human that she should continue to feel bitterly toward me.

And now there was added to this devotion an element of indefinable anxiety which made its vigilance unceasing.

With this I will end this letter, leaving it in this state until it is time to seal it, in case anything should occur to be added.

We shall, I know, emulate their steadfastness and achieve a result which will confer added laurels to French and British arms.

And he added glory to Aaron, and gave him an inheritance, and divided unto him the firstfruits of the increase of the earth.

The farmer told him it was six miles; "but," he added, "you must ride sharp, or you will get a wet jacket before you reach it."