Addenda [noun]

Definition of Addenda:

something conjoined, added

Synonyms of Addenda:

Opposite/Antonyms of Addenda:

Sentence/Example of Addenda:

There are days I wish I could sneak into bookstores, find copies of my book, “The Poisoned City,” and staple addendums to the back cover.

In his pocket was a bottle, carefully corked, empty save for a little roll of paper, which proved to be the addendum to the log.

And here, perchance, should the story end, for the after-history of Joachim Murat is a tragical addendum to that happy dnouement.

We must therefore regard Cibras as a mere addendum to, an extraneous element in, the tragedy, not as an integral part of it.

This was an addendum in "the colonel's own handwriting" and it closed with "pray for me."

This last arc defines the addendum of the escape-wheel teeth.

He playfully adds an addendum that "Horatia is like her mother, she will have her own way, or kick up the devil of a dust."

The back of the tooth is defined with a curve swept from some point on the addendum circle i, such as our judgment will dictate.

This was an impertinent addendum on my part; and, my opponent quickly retorted, with a thrust, which recalled my good manners.

In other addendum references all three stories are usually combined under the title The Thirteen.