Adders [noun]

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He comes from the tribe of Dan, of which it is written: 'Dan shall be a serpent in the way, an adder in the path.'

Well, by and by an adder bit a knight's heel; the knight forgot all about the order, and made a slash at the adder with his sword.

Then he would suddenly turn back to Digby, but would find him poring over a book, and as dumb as an adder.

At the same moment I saw a beautiful green adder come from a cleft of the mountain and crawl along the sand toward the bird.

Adder drove me down, and stopped his coach at the inn, and rowed me the half-mile up.

Adder saw him some days back in a brown consultation near his club with Captain May.

For once again the sense of time passing, of life running out of her grasp, bit at her breast like an adder.

The same season I saw them for the first time working upon the flower of bloodroot and of adder's-tongue.

Similarly, if one wishes to be a good adder, the way to do is to begin adding, not to begin doing something else.

He struck his harp and lulled the serpents, but an adder stung him to the liver.