Addicts [noun]

Definition of Addicts:

person who has compulsion toward

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Sentence/Example of Addicts:

“Ninth House,” by Leigh BardugoIn Bardugo’s engrossing fantasy thriller, a recovering addict lands a full ride to Yale in exchange for keeping an eye on the supernatural — and dangerous — activities of the school’s secret societies.

Perpetual connectivity has led to a plethora of early social media apps that are designed to addict and distract us.

I remember having this strategy of muttering loudly to myself in hopes that people would think that I was either a heroin addict or otherwise insane and leave me alone.

You never completely eliminate something you learned that young, but you can learn to recognize it in yourself and take action to avoid it in the future, not unlike a recovering addict in a 12-step program.

Dan Pew, a Youngstown drug court graduate and recovering heroin addict, says he has also benefited during the pandemic.

“The judge was in a T-shirt in his basement and he grew a beard during the pandemic,” she says, laughing, and adds that one addict made her required court appearance while lying in bed and smoking a cigarette.

As soon as he mentioned the fact that Ansaldo's assistant Marina was a morphine addict, Santiago interrupted him.

The streets were almost deserted, except for some prowler or desperation-driven drug addict.

Nor is he allowed to prescribe narcotics for an addict without decreasing the dosage.

The Cure was a brief hell, but it was fair payment for having had his fun, and if the addict had any guts he would face it.