Addling [verb]

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To Richard and to Musa there were homage and flattery enough to addle wiser wits than theirs.

The fact was that there may have been an addle-pated Red among the mill hands of that time, but if there was I had never met him.

I wonder they had not abandoned it; for a crack of light into a wren's nest would certainly addle the eggs.

You know he has nothing to recommend him but money and a ridiculous roll of addle-headed predecessors; now, don't you?

But says I to my eye, Addle Wildenheim has two much spirit of her own to covet her neighbour's goods.

"Don't sit on them with your head downward, or you'll addle them," said Mr. Brush, fiercely.

I wouldn't mind going on a voyage with the madam and the young ones, but not with such an addle-pate as the near-sighted.

He was gullible and at times curiously addle-pated; but he was no inventor of untruths.

Thy egg is by no means addle; but the chick is breaking the shell in somewhat a cross-grained fashion.

A letter, I suppose; well, it will not addle by being for half an hour out of its nest.