Addressees [noun]

Definition of Addressees:

person who is resident of habitation

Synonyms of Addressees:

Opposite/Antonyms of Addressees:

Sentence/Example of Addressees:

Don't deliver this letter to any person other than the addressee, Mr. Postman.

It seems that many letters addressed to their families in Turkey come back again, as the addressee has not been found.

He wrote home on the now famous postcards that inform the addressee that, on such and such a date, the sender was alive and well.

Once posted, a letter becomes the property of the Crown until it reaches the hands of the addressee.

Gallio, the addressee of the eleventh poem, is frequently quoted by the elder Seneca.

However, many had to be marked, "Addressee no longer with the army detachment."

The envelope had been torn in such manner that the name of the addressee was lacking.

Yes, if you or I, or any other reasonable being, were the addressee.

But as no envelopes had been preserved they gave no clue to where the addressee had been at the time.

The excuse given for non-production of authority was that the addressee was asleep.