Adds [verb]

Definition of Adds:

simple arithmetical process of increase; accumulation

Synonyms of Adds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adds:

Sentence/Example of Adds:

Ze under lip rather retires, and this adds to the receding effect of the chin, you see.

It seeks the shortest phrase or sentence and adds successively all the modifiers, making no omissions.

Every gun-shot fired gives me a pain in my heart and adds to the deadly anxiety I feel about our ammunition.

To suddenly discover oneself proficient where failure had been feared increases self esteem and adds to the sum of happiness.

But this goldsmith's work, far from impairing the effect of the whole, adds a certain fascination to it.

Barbour adds that 'many others of mickle main' were killed in the mle; and the statement is amply confirmed.

She adds that it was an adult male in full plumage, and that she saw it herself at Mr. Couch's shop.

Upon ulcerated surfaces it is often mingled with other spiral micro-organisms, which adds to the difficulty of its detection.

The excitement of the occasion may prevent immediate discomfort in such cases, but it adds to the subsequent danger.

Mr. Couch adds that this was the first specimen of the Common Sandpiper he had had since he had been in the Islands.