Adducing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Adducing:

Of all these I am able to adduce parallel instances both from Dryden and Pope.

And certainly the figures they adduce, when addressing audiences in England or writing for English readers, are very striking.

I defy the noble lord, or any other member of this House, to adduce one solid proof of this charge.

And what do you adduce from those reminiscences, my dear Sophie?

The relation between intemperance and insanity is so definite and clear, that it is not necessary to adduce proofs of this fact.

We have merely some points of law to go upon; but, as I understand, nothing new or material in evidence to adduce.

Travelling through his whole life, what ground could they adduce for such a plea?

In questions such as this it is helpful to adduce parallels from later cults whose mode of origin is more familiar.

I need scarcely adduce further evidence of the fact that Anglophobia is still a power in the land, if not the power it once was.

What could any cast up against her, what adduce in proof of a charge so dark, so improbable, so abnormal?