Adenoid [noun]

Definition of Adenoid:

smelling organ of animate being

Synonyms of Adenoid:

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Sentence/Example of Adenoid:

Sometimes it's Snapper and sometimes it's Klick; I don't know which is which, but one of them has adenoids.

"I am sure any physician would say that Brindle's adenoids should be removed," commented Dum from the back seat.

If they are mouth breathers because they have adenoids, these must be removed.

Foreign bodies must be removed, adenoids taken out, large tonsils excised, and malformations of the nasal bones operated upon.

We must therefore regard the presence of adenoids as a serious menace to the health and comfort of the patient.

If the case is neglected, and if the adenoids have existed for a long time, the growth of the child is impaired.

It is a crime for a parent to refuse operation if the presence of adenoids has been proved.

Everyone I met in England seemed absorbed in pale children with adenoids.

Children who have adenoids invariably suffer from chronic "head-colds" with a discharge from the nose.

Adenoids cause more trouble and more actual disease than any other condition during childhood.