Adeptness [noun]

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If Kieboom gets another shot as the everyday third baseman, he is adept at moving to that spot between first and second.

With billions of images online, Google’s machine learning becomes adept at using shapes and other elements to compare and comprehend what the images on your site represent.

Within these quarters, they exhibited adept political acumen and increasingly demanded leadership recognition.

The repeat offenders identified by EIP are particularly adept at reframing things that were originally true by quote-tweeting them and adding their own narrative, the report notes.

The biggest offender here is the president of the United States, who has proved an adept manipulator of the traditional press to push his disinformation campaign.

QAnon followers have proven particularly adept at this, according to Carusone.

That makes its pieces more adept at responding to changing temperatures and activity levels.

As Kahneman puts it, “System 1 is adept at finding a coherent causal story that links the fragments of knowledge at its disposal.”

If so, the little trick had been done with deplorable spontaneity or adeptness of usage.

Yet deep in his nature was that obliquity, that adeptness at trickery, that facility in deceit, which made him the success he was.