Adepts [noun]

Definition of Adepts:

expert, skilled person, female or male

Synonyms of Adepts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adepts:

Sentence/Example of Adepts:

Probably they do not devote quite as much time to it as our caballeros, who are quite adepts in the science.

In all kinds of deception the Chinese are great adepts, and decidedly more than a match for any Europeans.

They were also adepts in tricks of sleight of hand, and had no mean acquaintance with what is called natural magic.

Quarrels often occurred between the two adepts during the Cracow period.

They were great adepts in thieving, and uncommonly athletic and strong.

Rival country editors have sometimes been great adepts in it; though the fashion is gradually going out of date.

But outside of the vulgar crowd were the initiated, the illuminati, the technically trained adepts who managed the whole business.

We have individuals in Kentucky, kind reader, that even there are considered wonderful adepts in the management of the rifle.

They are adepts at obtaining entrance, and, once in, they remain till they have secured another place and marked another prey.

It is said of the Aztec women that they were adepts in the culinary arts.