Adequacies [noun]

Definition of Adequacies:

ability, competency in some

Synonyms of Adequacies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adequacies:

Sentence/Example of Adequacies:

All questions about the adequacy of safety measures should be addressed to them.

All questions about the adequacy of the safety measures should be addressed to the Cleveland Clinic.

A consideration need bear no relation or adequacy to the other thing that is to be received.

Adequacy of the story in relation to the importance and dignity of the main incident and of the subject.

Whole chapters could supply no clearer tribute to his resilience and entire adequacy.

If it concerns the detail of the reduction of your monthly adequacy, my word has become unbending iron.

The success of such a remedial and defensive measure would naturally depend upon the adequacy of the franchise aimed at.

Nevertheless literature does get itself translated, sometimes with astonishing adequacy.

Completeness does not mean exhaustiveness per se, but adequacy as respects end and its means.

Also as regards the sense of devout or ritual merit and adequacy in this connection, little need be said in this place.