Adequately [adverb]

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Giuliani was trying to analogize the claims of Republican poll watchers, who say they were too far away from ballot counting to adequately observe it.

Doing so likely precludes scientific analysis for the impact of proposed activities in lease areas and likely does not allow time for public input to be adequately assessed, as a variety of laws require.

Current cardiovascular disease data does not adequately characterize populations who are most impacted by heart disease.

For decades, autism and schizophrenia were attributed to “refrigerator mothers,” a term for mothers who weren’t adequately warm and maternal or even abusive and neglectful.

Marketers must also adequately vet publisher partners to ensure that data is being obtained in a conspicuous, ethical manner.

The fact that poll watchers are not being allowed to adequately supervise certain recounts is completely unacceptable.

Then the Fairfax County School Board will not adequately provide gifted students the educational services required by state law.

In one post, she said, an enthusiast mocked another user for buying armor that didn’t adequately cover his vital organs.

When applied fairly and consistently by managers who are adequately trained to use the tools it contains, the General Schedule is a model pay system.

We’re working hard to convince the people designing space missions that the stuff is adequately tested.