Adherents [noun]

Definition of Adherents:

supporter or follower

Synonyms of Adherents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adherents:

Sentence/Example of Adherents:

The narrative has been building to the point where an adherent can now view almost any news through the “rigged” lens.

As with other financial products, Marvin expects to see more women embrace SPACs over time, especially if they prove to be as durable as many early adherents suggest.

New posts appear regularly, and if reality doesn’t match the predictions about when, or how, the storm is coming for the world’s liberal elites, adherents simply shift their focus to something else.

The question is whether any of this will actually do anything to check the rapid spread of the QAnon movement, whose adherents include a Florida GOP nominee who is expected to win a seat in Congress this November.

This callous skin is even adherent to the bones, against which it is continually pressed by the weight of the body.

Sulla, throughout his whole life, was a consistent adherent of the extreme oligarchical party.

Reuben had another adherent who was also acting on his behalf.

An adherent coating may be obtained by adding an alkaline tartrate, but in that case the separation takes place too slowly.

Mrs. Felsburg was distinguished for being a rigid adherent to the ritualistic laws of her people.

An unknown adherent of the cause for which she suffered had promised to give ten thousand pounds to that cause if she did so.