Adhesions [noun]

Definition of Adhesions:

holding fast

Synonyms of Adhesions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adhesions:


Sentence/Example of Adhesions:

Mr. Asquith evidently has given in his adhesion to the new system of "colour adjectives."

With the Restoration the Marshal at once accepted the change of government and gave his adhesion to the Bourbons.

The adhesion to the clearing circulation is at once requested by the Post Office, of adherents to the cheque service.

When you want to use it, mix the Roe with a little wheaten flour and gum water, to cause adhesion to the hook.

The distant colonies of the crown of Castile, in America and the Indies, sent in their adhesion.

It is from them that we should naturally expect conservative and studious adhesion to the traditional models.

Ralegh's professed adhesion to Leicester did not prevent his appointment as one of the escort.

Guatemala previously had given its adhesion to the principles of arbitration promulgated under The Hague Convention.

In 1398 most of the cardinals and most of the crowned heads in Europe had given their adhesion to the plan.

The life of the branch depends on its adhesion to the tree which supplies the sap of nourishment.