Adhesivenesses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Adhesivenesses:

I mention this incident to give an idea of the adhesiveness of the glue used in the construction of Swifts' nests.

Though the root-meaning seems rather that of clamminess or adhesiveness, as found in Sansc.

The true location of acquisitiveness is anterior to combativeness, and lower than adhesiveness.

When done it should not be at all watery, nor yet dry, but have sufficient adhesiveness to stand well on a dish or buttered toast.

The best lubricant, as a rule, is that having the least viscosity combined with the greatest adhesiveness.

None of these locations would be called erroneous, the most incorrect of all being Adhesiveness, located a little too high.

But there is a strong adhesiveness, mingled with timidity, in some men, which helps to keep them down.

Secretiveness shows opacity, while Combativeness shows intense activity which extends into Adhesiveness and cautiousness.

Linseed oils, raw and boiled, which are used to give consistency, adhesiveness and also elasticity to the coat when dry.

Adhesiveness seems to be the head and front, the bones and the blood, of their creed.