Adhesives [noun]

Definition of Adhesives:

thick, gooey material that hardens

Synonyms of Adhesives:

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Sentence/Example of Adhesives:

Ordinarily it will injure the book less than other adhesives, but it should be used sparingly on books that must be rebound.

This curiosity was issued by the Canton of Geneva before Switzerland possessed a regular supply of adhesives.

From the above list it will be seen that all but three of the adhesives are of the penny value, or its foreign equivalent.

He called in one of the best engravers of the day and commanded him to execute a fine series of adhesives bearing his profile.

These three specimens were, therefore, the first adhesives to receive recognition on the Continent.

In short, no other Government issued adhesives until the January of 1849.

Lastly, may be mentioned the adhesives bearing the familiar effigy of "Germania," overprinted for use in Belgium.

The Confederation adhesives were current from 1868 to 1871—that is, until the German Empire sprang into being.

The adhesives are printed in attractive colours, with bold designs, indicative of Russian art.

Thus the adhesives of France plainly indicate the changing course taken by the Government of our neighbour across the Channel.