Adioses [interjection]

Definition of Adioses:

have a nice trip

Synonyms of Adioses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adioses:


Sentence/Example of Adioses:

“Adios,” he repeated, and his spurs tinkled as he strode through the patio to the portal where the saddle horses were waiting.

We all shook hands with him and with wounded Jed (who hated staying, too), and said "Adios," and started off.

"Adios," then said Inez, as she kissed her for the last time, while she motioned to me to escort her to her carriage.

We bade each other many adios, and I went on my way, soon catching up with the little party.

"Adios Amigos," said they to the scantily clothed travelers as they set out on their way to the mines.

"Adios, Senor," as she went out the door and around the corner, to Mickey and Pearl.

I'd never been here before, couldn't even say adios, so I thought I'd jus' look roun' a bit.

With an "Adios" to Billy Sudden and his boys, they were off, and arrived at the ranch house without further incident.

In the ears of Adela Miranda, all day long, has been ringing that painful word, “Adios!”

After writing him a good reference, I paid him off, and, with a last adios left the poor boy alone in his dismal cell.