Adits [noun]

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We have cut the south lode at the adit level about 50 or 60 fathoms east of the engine, and have driven about 20 fathoms on it.

Another party, engaged upon the shafts, arrived at the adit level at the same time with the workmen upon the drain.

But since we are here, with half-an-hour to spare before sunset, what do you say to showing me the adit?

At the mouth or entry of the Adit there is a structure raised of Brick, like a Chimney, some 28.

But the actual adit averaged about eighteen feet below the surface.

Yes, yes,” cried Will; “but suppose there is no adit; suppose there is no way out to the shore: how will you get back?

Pabo could distinguish the marks of the picks used to excavate the adit.

The adit of the mine was at the apex of the hill, which drooped off to the north.

It is a well-established fact that it is much cheaper to drive an adit than to sink a shaft of equal transporting capacity.

We walked into one adit about four hundred feet, and saw the working; cross–cuts showed the reef eighteen feet across.