Adjectives [noun]

Definition of Adjectives:

word that modifies a noun

Synonyms of Adjectives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjectives:


Sentence/Example of Adjectives:

You can use more sensory adjectives like smooth, crunchy, velvety, sweet, aromatic, and crisp to your descriptions to dazzle your readers.

For example, equities pros struggle to find an adjective for the craze in blank-check SPACs.

She also notes that there’s no equivalent revulsion around adjectives that might describe a man’s anatomy.

In that blistering moment of twisted candor, “Orwellian” became the adjective of our era.

Philadelphians, who lay claim to the sandwich, barely let you utter the word unless you have the birthright and disdain people who use the implicit — and therefore silent — adjective Philly before cheesesteak.

You could probably substitute about every adjective you could imagine in there.

Mr. Asquith evidently has given in his adhesion to the new system of "colour adjectives."

Each of these pairs, he realised, was really a single state of which the adjectives represented the extremes at either end.

Like the corresponding French nouns in -eur, these nouns in -aire, as well as those in -èire, are also used as adjectives.

One third of the words in this paragraph are descriptive nouns and adjectives, none of which the reader wishes to change.