Adjoins [verb]

Definition of Adjoins:

be next to

Synonyms of Adjoins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjoins:

Sentence/Example of Adjoins:

In addition to the main campus and adjoining streets, clinic officers also patrol other hospitals and properties it operates in northeast Ohio.

Aera and TRC, another oil company that leased adjoining property, periodically pumped out the oil and sold it.

Some of the chiefs attach themselves in preference to the Parthians, others to the Romans, to whom they adjoin.

It should adjoin the hennery, and a section of its roof should be movable to allow a change of litter.

The soul and mind adjoin themselves closely to the flesh of the body, to operate and produce their effects, 178.

In the still posterior sections the segmental duct would be quite without a lumen, and would closely adjoin the epiblast.

The battlefields of the Argonne adjoin on the West those of Verdun.

It must adjoin two public highways one of which may be an alley.

Your cabin and that occupied by Castellan adjoin, I believe?

The population of the region around the Nile must be very considerable, for the villages almost adjoin each other.