Adjournments [noun]

Definition of Adjournments:

discontinuation or delay of a proceeding

Synonyms of Adjournments:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjournments:

Sentence/Example of Adjournments:

When adjournment was declared a few moments later, she left at once, but the others remained to talk the matter over.

The amendment was seconded by Mr. Bannerman, and the debate was continued by adjournment on the 25th and 26th of February.

The settlement of the civil list left ministers at liberty to move the immediate adjournment of the house.

The debate on the third reading commenced on the 10th of May, and was continued for two nights by adjournment.

The General Court met again, according to adjournment in May last.

A hundred and twenty more were to have been tried, but the approach of the royal troops led to the adjournment of the Assize.

Such a thing as an adjournment to obtain Wiseman's evidence was not even hinted.

Finally, as the hour for adjournment drew near, a proposition was brought forth, appropriate to the season.

The Conference was called to order pursuant to adjournment by the President.

I therefore move an adjournment until ten o'clock to-morrow morning.