Adjourns [verb]

Definition of Adjourns:

stop a proceeding

Synonyms of Adjourns:

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Sentence/Example of Adjourns:

Before adjourning, the outgoing members got through the consent agenda as well as items certifying the election results and mid-year capital improvement project budget adjustments, said Dave Rolland, the City Council communications director.

As the Senate adjourned Monday for a pre-election break, senators left the Capitol—very likely taking any hopes of an imminent stimulus agreement with them.

Results of the investigation were not ready for lawmakers before the Legislature adjourned in March due to the coronavirus.

It comes with the House days away from adjourning through the election, and with the two sides still at odds on key issues including aid to cities and states, liability protections for businesses, and the overall cost of the bill.

Congress is supposed to adjourn at the end of next week through the election, although lawmakers could be called back to vote on a deal.

The thought of making anything good enough to sell was inspiring, and they worked with a will till it was time to adjourn.

Now, without further comment, I move that this Congress adjourn sine die.

Now, I am going to propose that when you adjourn, it be to meet at Court Square, to-morrow morning at nine o'clock.

I move that the Conference adjourn until half-past seven o'clock this evening.

The motion to adjourn was agreed to; ayes 17, noes 3, and the Conference adjourned.