Adjudged [verb]

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The lips with which he appealed to Heaven to adjudge victory to the just quarrel, grew white as they uttered the impious mockery.

A mistake in taste for which the wisdom of the future will adjudge a punishment called trigamy.

I cannot and do not adjudge you unsuccessful, in the sense of having demonstrated your guilt rather than your innocence.

This is a new doctrine of law, to adjudge a man guilty without according him an opportunity for defense.

Had it been to save his son from hanging, he would not adjudge guilt to Francis Levison against his conscience.

The Court of Appeals would ask another report from the Magistrates and on its receipt would adjudge the case.

And if instead you attempt to start a war, we shall adjudge you the common enemy of humanity and treat you accordingly.'

And in cases not capital, they are to adjudge such corporal punishment as the majority of the court shall determine.

“Whatever course you adjudge best for the security of others, I will pursue,” rejoined Oldcorne, turning to Catesby.

How shall he understand those great questions which his suffrage must adjudge without thorough intellectual culture in his youth?