Adjudications [noun]

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To have these adjudications happening in the dark, without impartial journalists there to observe and report, it only deepens that chasm of trust and weakens the system as a whole.

She also emphasized that the state had a clear-cut adjudication process for counting ballots that could not be read by tabulators.

It also runs the significant risk of interjecting the investigation itself as an issue, both in the campaign and in the adjudication of any ensuing election contest.

Then follows the first meeting of the bankrupt's creditors, within thirty days after the adjudication.

After one month, and within a year from the adjudication of bankruptcy, the bankrupt may apply for a discharge.

Meanwhile it had proved its mettle by taking a French contraband schooner and carrying her into Newport for adjudication.

Finally an amicable adjudication and division out of court was arranged by common friends.

There is probably no organized body so ill-fitted for adjudication upon any subject as Congress.

The final adjudication of this point, however, was reserved for the decision in the so-called Cincinnati Freight Bureau case.

It has been laid asleep—a solemn adjudication has taken place and put it at rest.