Adjuncts [noun]

Definition of Adjuncts:

addition; help

Synonyms of Adjuncts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjuncts:

Sentence/Example of Adjuncts:

Sharon Whitehurst-Payne, a former classroom teacher and adjunct faculty member at San Diego State, was appointed to the District E seat in 2016, after it was vacated by a disgraced board member.

An adjunct professor at Stanford University, he’s also been a novelist, TV host of PBS’s The Brain, and science advisor for the HBO series Westworld.

Lyndsay Levingston Christian is a multimedia talent, host and adjunct professor based in Houston, Texas.

Robert Bazell is an adjunct professor of molecular, cellular, and developmental biology at Yale.

She said the campuses all limit their tenured faculty so that they can retain flexibility to hire adjunct professors – and that flexibility could be utilized now to implement the requirement.

The arm in these childish drawings early develops the interesting adjunct of a hand.

As an adjunct of the policy of the deterrent workhouse for the able-bodied, we have to note the coming-in of compulsory detection.

"We must have a real door," said Shorty, looking critically at the strip of canvas that did duty for that important adjunct.

It will prove itself a most valuable adjunct to the excellent course of instruction given in our public schools.

Clarté, in fact, forms an adjunct of the Grand Orient and owns a lodge under its jurisdiction in Paris.