Adjurations [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Adjurations:

This strikes us now-a-days as anything but a very solemn or a very momentous form of adjuration.

Before the solemn force of Nita's frenzied adjuration, the old man started and grew ashen pale.

Then we heard the humblest entreaties, the most fervent adjuration, not to deprive the country of such superior talents.

A thrill ran through the long line of men, and Fred heard his follower utter a low, adjuration to his unwilling steed.

But fortunately for us, Burke was not content with private adjuration, or even public speech.

The action seemed strange; but I at first thought it the unpremeditated result of his solemn and well-intended adjuration.

With this final adjuration, Whipple, weapon in hand, started back toward the trees.

Note the emphasized adjuration in the “Battle Hymn of the Republic:”

It was an adjuration by the honour of a man, and was either positive or negative.

Thus the adjuration "being" was accounted fully sufficient for the lady of the poet's thoughts.