Adjuring [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Adjuring:

I adjure you, by all which a man of honour holds most sacred, to quit England the moment your health will allow you to sail.

I adjure you, in the name of the friendship you have up to this moment shown me, to explain yourself clearly.

And instead of Columbus, a honey-fed spirit of dream should stand in his prow and adjure him to sail on, to dreamland.

I adjure you for the last time; will you name the three cards?

I adjure you, solemnly, to omit nothing that you can remember of them.

I adjure thee by that God so terrible and true—didst thou write that letter?

To adjure me by all that was most alarming, to discard the idea of making my appearance in a Poblana dress!

But take good care, I adjure thee, if any one questions thee about me, to give him no satisfaction.

Then the Syrian would solemnly adjure him, or threaten him if he were obstinate, and so drive him out.

I adjure you to command your brother to leave the place and torment my patient no longer.