Adjusters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Adjusters:

Even runner-up Enzo Palumbo, a 42-year-old insurance adjuster, knew he was doomed.

So, I made a PowerPoint and I gave it to the insurance adjuster.

The adjustment took various forms according to the temperament of the adjuster.

Eventually we adopted the scheme of making some officer claim adjuster.

In modern business the letter has become the advertiser, the salesman, the collector, and the adjuster of claims.

The impersonation of "fine life" in the abstract, the nice adjuster of hearts and necklaces.

No, I'm not diggin' these days; but I've got a pull wid the insurance adjuster, and might git an extra allowance for yer.

He himself looked through, fixing the sight, turning the adjuster; then with fussy suddenness: "Now, sir—"

With the superintendent and the wreck train came a specialist, a claim adjuster for the legal department.

It saddened Carl to hear the insurance adjuster boom, "Oh you Tottykins!"