Adjusting [verb]

Definition of Adjusting:

become or make prepared, adapted

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjusting:

Sentence/Example of Adjusting:

She found Mr. Rushmere busy adjusting and sorting divers pieces of harness.

In practice it is seldom necessary to touch the adjusting screws of the mirrors themselves.

Adjusting his glasses, he gazed thoughtfully at Jeff Arnold's retreating figure.

The great excellence of Plautus was the masterly handling of language, and the adjusting the parts for dramatic effect.

She took her time, adjusting many little trifles, assuring herself that all trace of her emotion had disappeared.

An eagle floated serenely on the upper air currents, automatically adjusting himself to their constant changing.

Major Hendricks rested against the edge of the lid, adjusting his eyes to the darkness.

If the engine idles too fast with throttle closed, the latter may be adjusted by means of the throttle lever adjusting screw.

There is an adjusting screw on the stock to make the proper adjustment on the dies.

In the main, people were adjusting very quickly and eagerly.