Adjustments [noun]

Definition of Adjustments:


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Sentence/Example of Adjustments:

I didn't go up to Cambridge, I remember, for nearly a year, so occupied was I with my new adjustments.

Eurythmy is beauty and fitness in the adjustments of the members.

That dinner was but the initiation into a week of difficult adjustments.

And now the series of adjustments have almost reached their end.

Arrangements for "days out" are merely adjustments by which one person's work is done by others.

With correct adjustments this experiment will prove more surprising than the first.

He paused a moment to make slight adjustments in the controls, then turned his attention back to the screen.

Then it became evident that the destruction of confidence in Russia had gone too far for any such adjustments.

Some pecuniary adjustments were made, D. Wilson Moore being the only one who had any money.

A definite and simple criterion for the required adjustments is at hand—the now familiar "index number" of prices.