Adjusts [verb]

Definition of Adjusts:

become or make prepared, adapted

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjusts:

Sentence/Example of Adjusts:

Here he adjusts the work for fitting up and makes any small portions that may still be required.

She adjusts the last flower with one careless glance into the mirror, and goes to the window.

He cleans and adjusts his glasses—to discover that he is face to face with Miss Hypatia Prendergast.

He had lived over and over that supreme moment when the umpire sweeps the plate with a stubby broom and adjusts his mask.

So he pulls his head about as an old lady adjusts her cap, and passes his fore-paw over it like a kitten washing herself.

The same necessary law adjusts the positions of mankind inter se.

He so adjusts his wings to the moving currents that he hangs stationary upon them.

He adjusts conditions to the laws and laws to the conditions.

William dusts his boots, adjusts his tie and heads for the most prepossessing farm in sight.

Olson adjusts his glasses and reads the formal menu that lies at his place.