Adjutants [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Adjutants:

Mr. Wright, my Adjutant, saw one strike in a puddle between him and myself as we marched at the head of the Regiment.

"You may be thankful if you don't get those two young alligators in the other tank," said a gruff-voiced adjutant.

That was a difficulty at first, as neither the adjutant's nor my book gave the French for bacon.

George is buried by the side of his adjutant in a little garden in the village, between two houses on the west side.

As a supporter of Bute he was appointed adjutant-general and governor of Stirling, posts worth £4,000 a year.

Adjutant General Kagi presented to each officer his commission.

The Adjutant-General, in his familiar and almost daily letters to his wife, does not even allude to it.

The whole staff hurried after him; only one adjutant turned round on his saddle and took a passing glance at Yegor.

If we win this campaign I will certainly ask for you as adjutant.

Terence had not told Dick Ryan of his intention to ask for him as his adjutant.