Adjuvants [noun]

Definition of Adjuvants:

something which incites activity

Synonyms of Adjuvants:

Opposite/Antonyms of Adjuvants:

Sentence/Example of Adjuvants:

The advertising circular around the bottle adds that the mixture also contains appropriate aromatic adjuvants.

Where it is thought requisite, internal medication and various hygienic measures may be advantageously resorted to as adjuvants.

Some practitioners favor the employment of adjuvants to the quinia.

Hot-air baths and massage are useful adjuvants to the exercises.

Hot-air baths and massage are useful adjuvants to all forms of exercise.

Inunctions with diluted mercurial ointment, iodoform, etc. are useful adjuvants.

Concurrently must be employed a number of practical adjuvants which are oftentimes of the utmost assistance.

These spirits are principally employed as aromatics and stimulants, or as adjuvants in draughts and mixtures.

They chop off the end of a green cocoanut, and pour in on the juice of it French brandy and other adjuvants.

They are too slow in their action, however, to be relied on otherwise than as adjuvants to cathartics.