Admeasurements [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Admeasurements:

By an accurate admeasurement he found that those nearly ready to be hatched were almost twice as big as those just laid.

This bear, upon admeasurement, proved to be full fifteen feet in his greatest length.

This so-called Statute of Admeasurement has not been traced to any authoritative source.

Of the former there can be no admeasurement, excepting by its effect, which is recollection: its duration can be well ascertained.

We now proceed to Sennan Church-town, which according to barometrical admeasurement is 391 feet above the level of the sea.

I determined, therefore, to suspend my belief till I could take the admeasurement of each vessel.

The vessel, then, in the plate is the vessel now mentioned, and the following is her admeasurement as given in by Captain Parrey.

This admeasurement raised my merriment to its acme, and I laughed aloud.

But if so, then the legal admeasurement had to conform to the customary admeasurement defined by the community.

Their vastness seems to defy our admeasurement, and their complexity and difficulty may defeat our feeble efforts at solution.