Administers [verb]

Definition of Administers:

manage an organization or effort

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Sentence/Example of Administers:

All of those enrolled, however, were given the plasma and the antibody levels weren’t checked before it was administered, making it difficult to determine exactly how much benefit patients would get over current care.

In the interview, Liu said that he expects one dose of Sinopharm’s vaccine to be 97% effective in producing an immune response, a rate that would climb to close to 100% once a second dose is administered 28 days later.

So far, federal health authorities have offered little detail about their plans for administering vaccines.

The measure targets psychologists who administer conversion therapy and would suspend their licenses for at least five years.

Even after vaccines are administered to the general public, researchers will be on the lookout for even rarer safety concerns, such as autoimmune diseases triggered by the vaccine, Kuritzkes says.

In the US, a number of different healthcare providers can administer vaccines, from clinical nurses to midwives.

The clock is ticking for states to make sure they can safely and effectively administer this November’s general election.

Because such a drug is sent directly into the bloodstream, it must be administered by trained medical professionals.

I think that it came out of perhaps some well-intended sense that they needed to decrease the amount of buprenorphine prescribing that wasn’t being as tightly administered as they might wish.

The College Board, for those who don’t know, is the non-profit that administers the SAT, PSAT, and Advanced Placement exams.