Admirals [noun]

Definition of Admirals:

highest us navy commander

Synonyms of Admirals:

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Sentence/Example of Admirals:

The Americans demanded the surrender of the Arsenal, the Admiral, and the surviving crews of the destroyed fleet.

A crucial question, very much affected by what the Admiral told me last night.

Admiral Byng was afterwards shot in England, on an unjust charge of cowardice in this affair.

In the action off Camperdown, Admiral de Winter asked one of his lieutenants for a quid of tobacco.

The Admiral came aboard and between us we tried to size up the new situation and to readjust ourselves thereto.

They obeyed, and the sieur made them acknowledge the authority of his son, as Vice-Admiral in the said lands of the West.

The weather was good, and Magellan, now Admiral Magellan, watched constantly for land.

It looked so rich and beautiful that the ships anchored once more, and the admiral ordered the sick men to be taken on shore.

All I could do I did this afternoon when the Admiral came to tea and took me for a good stiff walk afterwards.

Just as the Admiral was going, Ward (of the Intelligence) crossed over with a nasty little damper.