Admired [verb]

Definition of Admired:

hold in high regard

Opposite/Antonyms of Admired:

Sentence/Example of Admired:

The "Pensierosa" and a little girl were at the Paris Salon in 1894, and were much admired.

Though Nigel was enthusiastic and determined, he was not insensitive to what was passing in the mind of one he admired and liked.

John Hales died; an English author, so much admired for his wit and learning, that he is called the ever memorable.

Samuel Badcock, an English divine and writer, died; admired as a pulpit orator and a man of literary talent.

It is much admired by everyone that has seen it, and saves a considerable quantity of coal when compared with a Boulton and Watt.

We admired his beautiful garden and charming residence, built, with great good taste, in the Italian style.

Moreover, he really liked and admired her, and he liked still more to spend money.

Mr. Pope greatly admired candour, and indeed I found myself that candour always told with the Committees.

They were received with much attention, and Madame Roland admired exceedingly the comparatively free institutions of that country.

By now his name was well known to friend and foe alike, and his chivalrous nature was admired, even by his enemies.