Admirers [noun]

Definition of Admirers:

person who holds someone in high regard

Synonyms of Admirers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admirers:

Sentence/Example of Admirers:

It seems to me that such verses as these might very well have satisfied the English admirers of Klopstock.

A third poem, Nerto, appeared in 1884, and showed the poet in a new light; his admirers now compared him to Ariosto.

It is not to be supposed that such a girl as Grace had lived to be nineteen years of age without admirers.

In their youth both had been enthusiastic admirers of the ballet, and had often tried to imitate the art of the dancers.

It has been immensely popular, and thus does not illustrate merely the taste of an inner circle of its author's admirers.

She was forty-five, and it said a good deal for her ample but proper graces that at forty-five she had numerous admirers.

Meanwhile, Pizarro was amusing himself by eating oranges which were showered on him by his admirers on the benches.

Was she in fancy seeming that she was in an opera-house before thousands of spellbound admirers?

She saw now how useless it was to attempt anything through these admirers of Valmond; she must do it herself.

The year before the sum of 35,000, mostly raised in America, had been presented to him by his admirers.