Admires [verb]

Definition of Admires:

hold in high regard

Opposite/Antonyms of Admires:

Sentence/Example of Admires:

He studied Madame Roland with even more of stoical apathy than another man would study a book which he admires.

Butler represents the philosophy which he so much admires as a contemplation of, and a tendency to, the absolute and eternal good.

Now, if there is one thing Destiny admires in a man, it is his courage to defy her.

But he admires and wonders without love; he has strong things to say against it.

You tell me Morsfield admires the woman—would marry her to-morrow, if he could get her.

If these bullies find most of the college admires her, they will be a little more careful.

He admires not the harmony of colouring alone, but he examines by what artifice one colour is a foil to its neighbour.

When I am Basil's wife I shall have to be very sedate, and of course not even pretend to know if any other man admires me.

Found, among other things, that he had lived two years in Italy when he was a youth, and that he admires Miss Austen.

It seems to me that any person of a pitiful heart, who also admires courage and address, must be sorry for me, now.