Admiring [verb]

Definition of Admiring:

hold in high regard

Opposite/Antonyms of Admiring:

Sentence/Example of Admiring:

While you were admiring the long roll of the wave, a sudden spray would be dashed over you, and make you catch your breath!

David thought the farmer a fool, and rode on, admiring the blue sky uncheckered by a single cloud.

There was a host of friends and acquaintances around the little home, making merry and admiring the baby.

He fired with an accuracy of aim that won him an admiring mutter, although to miss would have been almost as noteworthy.

A strident voice drowned the scandal, and an admiring group ceased smoking and listened spellbound to a characteristic anecdote.

From force of admiring, he forgot to express beauty, and what he felt so deeply he came to believe he had created.

There was a spell in the shyness, which made her avoid and shun all admiring approaches to acquaintance.

To admire these same views, is it not admiring without knowing wry?

He would listen, shake his head with an admiring air, as he watched his wife: "She is astonishing!"

While we stood admiring this work of art, the master within laughingly warned us that the ass kicked if anyone came near him.