Admissibility [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Admissibility:

He was cheerfully helpless and sociably indifferent; ready to preside with a smile even at a discussion of his own admissibility.

England has adopted a simple and concise law on admissibility of testimony of handwriting experts.

There was a code by which to decide upon the admissibility and value of proffered testimony—the rules of the syllogism.

Bob didnt know quite what was the law governing the admissibility of testimony in a case like his.

For even those writers who maintain the admissibility of pacific blockade assert that vessels of third States cannot be seized.

In recent volumes of law reports cases turning on the admissibility of evidence are conspicuous by their rarity.

And the chancery judge was apt to read his affidavits first, and to determine their admissibility afterwards.

One of Marshall's rulings on the admissibility of evidence moved Blennerhassett to ecstasies.

(c) A third dispute turned upon the admissibility of non-Trinitarians to the privilege of co-operation.

We may here leave undiscussed the hesitancy with regard to the admissibility of particular books.