Admissions [noun]

Definition of Admissions:

entering or allowing entry

Synonyms of Admissions:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admissions:

Sentence/Example of Admissions:

The first, a young father from a town in the southern Netherlands, suffered shortness of breath, cough and fever at home for eight days before admission to intensive care.

The admission opened Barrios up to a potential violation of the city ethics ordinance, which prohibits officials from being paid by an outside entity while also on the city clock.

If the city ultimately decides to vacate people’s seditious language tickets and make them whole for the fines they paid, doing so could be seen as an admission that those people had been wronged.

The number of psychiatric admissions that went beyond medical necessity first spiked in 2015, going from 88 the year before to 246.

After high school, he moved to Tokyo and worked for two years at a cardboard factory before winning admission to Hosei University.

Filing the amended economic disclosure is itself an admission that the previous disclosure was inadequate.

If symptoms are too difficult to control, continuous in-person nursing care or admission to an inpatient unit could be necessary, she said.

The cost for admission and the book begin at $30 and are available here.

Paris’s prestigious postgraduate school Ecole Normale Superieure was in for a surprise this summer when results of its admission exam for literature came out.

As an added bonus, general admission to the museum is always free.