Admits [verb]

Definition of Admits:

allow entry or use

Synonyms of Admits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Admits:

Sentence/Example of Admits:

This process admits usually of several applications in‌ the case of a long sentence.

"Milor, the matter admits of no settlement," said the Breton menacingly, rising from his chair.

In a moment more Phœbe and Alice were at the door which admits to a passage leading literally to the side of the house.

The League Oracle admits that "a repeal would injure the farmer, but not so much as he fears."

The Lanercost chronicler admits that the Galwegians purchased peace, being unable to resist the forces of Bruce.

But the structure of these two genera admits likewise of another explanation, to which I have already adverted.

Koch remarks that sorwful has only two syllables (l. 85); but the line only admits of one, or of one and a very light syllable.

The preamble admits that the existing laws were not sufficiently powerful to meet the circumstances for which they were designed.

Direct inheritance of acquired peculiarities no scientific thinker now admits.

In the same letter he admits that he had close relations with Spain, and throughout uses the first person plural.